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 We are exscited that you are contemplating purchasing one of our e-book, The Pentax K-5 - Everything you need to know...and then some.

As an enthusiast photographer for many years, I owned many Pentax cameras. My first "new" camera was a Pentax Spotmatic, purchased when I was still in Junior High.

When Pentax stepped into the Digital SLR market, I was delighted. Their first succesful DSLRs were the *ist series. They were the smallest DSLRs on the market, and that is what Pentax has been known for.

In October of 2010, the Pentax K-5 was introduced. It was the best DSLR produced by Pentax so far. The sensor, made by Sony, and having 16.4megapixels was and still is one of the best sensor produced. 

This e-book is not about showing off my qualifications and my pictures, as too many third-party book authors do. It is about you and what information you will need when using the Pentax K-5. The book complements the Pentax's user manual and explains in simple terms how to use the camera. It contains techniques, shortcuts, explanations, tips, examples and photographic information applicable to the K-5 as well as general photography.

Simply put, the owner's manual shows you what...we show you what, when, where, why, how...and then some.

Over 5000 e-books sold.

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Pentax K-5/K-5II/K-5II e e-book

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